Monday, June 1, 2009

Interview With ThaGataNegrra--Tha ORIGINAL GATA

It truly has been hard going for this budding actress and scream queen--oh, sorry, she'd rather not be called that until she feels more like one career-wise, not to mention avoid issues with certain other "personalities". She's been the target of reputation smears, career sabotage, jealous ambitions, what my nephew likes to call "swagger jacking", and all seemingly from one source. So much and so vast are the lies that they have pretty much brought one aspect of who she is and what she loves to a standstill. But not for long, as far as this Black Cat Pirate Gypsy is concerned. She is talented on other levels and has decided to focus on those for now. She insists on remaining who she is, and has learned that sometimes it is much better to stand your ground and live your truth than be intimidated by outside forces. I've seen this girl's potential and really hope that someday soon she's allowed to break through all that drama and web of deceit that she's caught up in. A word to the wise: play the game clean, you never know who you'll end up hurting.

What got you started in acting?
I'd always been interested in acting since I was a kid. I would put on small plays and stuff like that all the time. In
retrospect, I wish I had decided to become a drama major in high school instead of a music major, but I was so focused in the music arena that I didn't. I wrote a lot as well and screenplays were something I wrote often. When I was older I started going on auditions. I wasn't always successful, but i did get some parts here and there.

How many films have you made?

Some short films, and I WAS in some feature-length movies until bad word of mouth got me cut or whatever. you know the story.

Is the indie horror industry hard to break into?
For me it has been! LOL...but I'm not bitter. I just know it's something I've always loved, contrary to popular belief...and no-one can be denied from what they love forever.

Are you a hardcore gorehound, or have you considered other genres as well?
Horror was my main focus because I love getting dirty and kill scenes and the lot. It appeals to my sense of fantasy and being someone else for the extreme. But I have done other genres...and always consider other genres.

Who's easy to work with? Who isn't?

People who are easygoing but know when it's time to get down to business are easiest to work with. People who are willing to take you as you are and take chances are, as well. Divas are
hard to work with, as well as people who are easily swayed by bullshxt. They know who they are. People who keep the set light, the

y're always fun, like the last director I worked with, Koh Yamamoto. He made sure everyone was doing okay, from the principals to the extras. I really hope to work with him again.

Is there anyone you'd love to work with?

Hmm...anyone who will have me, LOL. I'd really like to work w/ Susan Adriensen. She's the bee's knees. I've been trying to work with Rod Belle for months now, but we never seem to catch up to one another, LOL

What are your plans for future projects?
Right now, I am working on my music and another personal project, so all my creativity is focused there. When I'm ready, I'll start beating the bushes again for acting and modeling jobs along w/ doing my music.

What is your opinion on the state of today's horror?

Too many damn remakes, if you ask me. Although, I must admit, it is interesting to see another person's take on the stories. Indie horror is where all the life's like a living organism, and so many fresh ideas can be found amongst the rehashed ones. Even the rehashed ones are fun!

Any advice for aspiring actors?

Keep at it. Keep marketing yourself and plugging away. Try not to get discouraged. Get your best headshots and resume ready and make sure you have comp and busniess cards-- you never know who you'll run into. Make sure you have a significant online presence...and avoid people who'd rather see you ruined than successful--they can be anyone from your worst enemy to your own family. I speak from experience!

7even Randoms:

End of the world party; what do you wear?
Black, as always. Something comfy I can dance in cuz I'm gonna dance my ass off at that particular party!

If you had to watch one film for the rest of your life, it'd be...?

ONE film? Oh, don't ask me that. I can't stop at one film!

What makes you
so freakin' special?

I'm GATA. That's pretty much it. I'm better than you've been told I am.
Head or gut? Stab wounds, we mean.
Ugh. Gut, I guess. I've been stabbed in the back enough times, gut should be a cakewalk, LOL

Vampires or zombies?
Vampire zombies.

For President, your fave horror icon:

Stephen King.

Your booty call soundtrack: top 3 songs.

Oh, man, that can be anything! Prince is a good way to go. Plus any metal. There actually is a special one that I love just because my partner gets SO into it...but I'm keeping that one to myself...

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  1. The best of luck in everything you do. Use that talent that has been given to you.